Saint Swithins Church - Parish of Walcot


"They spent their time learning from the apostles, and they were like family to each other".

Acts 2:42 CEV

Dad and ChildrenEvery Sunday the dispersed community of the church gathers.  We are a church family, where the youngest through to the oldest come together as one body. We gather expectantly, knowing Immanuel God with us, to worship, pray and hear and receive the Word of God.

As well as uniting in worship, we come because we enjoy being together – this includes time to catch up with one another over coffee after the morning service and to greet visitors in the warmth and welcome of the crypt.

I grew up in Bath so I’ve been coming to St Swithin’s ever since I can remember. I left to go to University when I was 18 but as I was still coming back in the holidays I kept the links. Then, after teaching in Birmingham I moved out to Israel. The church was phenomenal in its support when I went to Israel, absolutely phenomenal in their prayerful support of me. When I came back from Israel 6 years ago there was no other church that I could go to.

There are lots of things that I enjoy about church but what really holds me here are the relationships. I think that as you walk in here there is a tangible warmth. There’s always someone to welcome and greet you. I think everyone would feel welcome here, there is something for every age, it’s very inclusive. You make friends with people of all ages, that perhaps you don’t necessarily do elsewhere in life.

Homegroup is really crucial to me. When I first joined a homegroup after coming back to Bath that’s when I really settled at church. It’s very real. We’ve always been a group that has prayed a lot for each other and cared about each other and are interested in each other’s lives. And because I’m in a homegroup and I have a prayer partner here, if things are especially difficult I know that there are people who I can call on to pray during the week.

One of the things I really enjoy about this church is the teaching and the different expressions of worship. At the 10.45 service there are lots of people involved, doing the preaching, the prayers or the bible readings so you get different styles coming through. I’m often challenged by the preaching or prayers and God will speak something incredibly relevant for that moment in my life. That then stays with me through the week. So I feel that my perspective is refreshed and renewed. At ‘Space’ I really like the opportunity to come from things at a different angle and the time to reflect. It is so creative you can explore things in ways you haven’t been able to explore before.

I also have a chance to use and explore my gifts by being part of the Space team and part of the worship group. We’re fortunate to have gifted musicians of different styles and gifting and I enjoy the variety. I suppose that when you are contributing to the church it increases your sense of belonging. There is something very satisfying and fulfilling about working together with others in a team. You know that this is where you belong.

Margaret Warne