Saint Swithins Church - Parish of Walcot

Life Events

As we journey through life it is important to mark certain milestones along the way. It could be committing a new child to God in a service of baptism or thanksgiving; or as a new believer nailing our colours to the mast in baptism; making heartfelt vows on our wedding day; or coming with family and friends to mark the end of the life of a loved one. These deeply symbolic ceremonies and services emphasise the significance of an event.

These special ceremonies invite us to join with God, who encourages us to step out in faith, to be the cord that binds and holds us in our marriage, to be with us in our joy, and to comfort us in our grief.

Andy and I have strong family connections to St Swithin's. We both attended the church as children and therefore it is very special to us both. It was the most wonderful experience to be surrounded by our church family on our wedding day. It is a place that we spend most Sundays and it felt comfortable and full of love.

We were married on August 10th 2008. It was really helpful to meet with Simon and Anne Holland beforehand and they helped us to prepare not only for the wedding day but also for our marriage. We went to their home on a number of occasions and worked through a marriage course together. It was lovely to discuss what we wanted from our special day but also to talk about our life plans together. It was incredibly valuable and was a time that we got to spend regularly together in a relaxed and warm atmosphere and we really looked forward to it.

St Swithin's is such a beautiful place for a wedding. The care and support we received was wonderful and everyone was extremely helpful in the organisational details. The wedding rehearsal led by Simon was excellent. We were walked through the whole service the day before the wedding and were made to feel that everything was taken care of - we just needed to turn up!

The actual day was incredibly special to us because of the history that we have with the church, but I think anyone who chooses to get married here will find the experience wonderful. We were able to use the cafe area downstairs to serve drinks and food to guests after the service, and the whole place has such a welcoming family feel that was commented on by many guests at our wedding.

Our first child William arrived in January 2011. We are definitely planning on getting William baptised here - maybe one day he will get married here too!!

Andy and Emily May